Lone Mountain Literary Society is a collective of writers, editors, and artists based out of San Francisco, California. We are chiefly interested in transcendent storytelling. We love a bristling voice, beautiful craft, and writing that bends the mind and stirs emotions.

As editors, we strive to uncover brilliant new work from all writers. And we delight whenever we get the opportunity to work collaboratively with our contributors.

This will be our issue 0. We aim to have a beautiful print magazine available in September 22! To go along with this theme, we want your poems of birth, rebirth, renewal, restructuring, and transcendence!  

Lone Mountain Literary Society is dedicated to closely reading and carefully considering each submission that we humbly receive. Nothing excites us more than discovering new and brilliant writers & artists.

  • Please send us no more than four pages of your best poetry 
  • We only accept unpublished work. We consider work that has been posted to any social media accounts as being published.
  • Lone Mountain Literary Society holds first serial rights for material that we publish. The copyright automatically reverts to the author upon publication. 


Lone Mountain Literary Society